(Liberty Daily) – For nearly a year, patriots have been wondering why Joe Biden has his press conferences in a fake Oval Office across the street. Some conspiracies even speculated that there was a legal reason for it so he’s not obligated to speak the truth. Corporate media has ignored the oddity the whole time. Now, a report finally reveals the reason for it, and it’s about as Bidenesque of a reason as one could imagine.

He needs big teleprompters. That’s it. He’s so incapable of answering questions or delivering speeches from portable teleprompters that he must have the huge ones on his regime’s manufactured sound stage.

According to Headline USA:

Joe Biden avoids using the Oval Office for press conferences because a teleprompter cannot be permanently placed in the room, according to a new report.

Politico revealed on Thursday that Biden’s aides prefer to use a fake White House stage in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is right next door to the White House, because it is decked out with an easy-to-read teleprompter.

The revelation was included as part of the Biden team’s larger concerns about his ability to run for office again in 2024.

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“Still, some allies and Democrats privately worry that Biden may not be able to handle the rigors of another campaign,” Politico wrote.

Either 81 million people are complete idiots or the 2020 election was stolen. Either way, we’re currently stuck with an incompetent nincompoop who needs little words on big screens to pretend like he’s running the country.