(The Post Millennial) – Republican Senator Lindsey Graham encouraged capitol police to make use of their guns during the January 6 storming of the capital, according to the Washington Post.

“What are you doing? Take back the Senate! You’ve got guns. Use them,” said Graham to the police. The senator was deeply irritated that the session had to be abandoned.

“We give you guns for a reason,” said Graham. “Use them.”

Graham’s office later confirmed that this was true. “Graham was quite clear on this point, noting that the backpacks and other items brought into the Capitol could have contained bombs and explosives. The damage could have been much, much worse,” said his spokesperson.

Graham also called Donald Trump’s daughter, saying that her father had to get the situation under control. “This thing is going south. This is not good,” said Graham to Ivanka Trump.
“You’re going to have to tell these people to stand down. Stand down,” he added.

Graham was quite clear with his argument that guns should’ve been used. Graham said that “warning shots” and then”lethal force should have been used once they’d penetrated the seat of government.”

“People coming through the windows had backpacks, as big as my desk on the Senate. They should have been challenged, warning shots should have been fired and lethal force should have been used once they’d penetrated the seat of government. Those backpacks could have had bombs chemical agents, weapons. We dodged a major bullet yesterday.”