(The Post Millennial) – On Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s new corporate name: Meta. This new name has received criticisms from Hebrew speakers due to its translation.

Meta is pronounced like the feminine form of the Hebrew word for “dead,” according to the BBC. On social media, some Twitter users have raised questions regarding the name change using the hashtag, #FacebookDead.

The emergency rescue volunteers Zaka told their followers on Twitter: “Don’t worry, we’re on it,” according to the BBC.

“Thank you for providing all Hebrew speakers a good reason to laugh,” another Twitter user wrote.

Zuckerberg stated during Thursday’s online event that the old name of Facebook “doesn’t encompass everything that we do.” Facebook includes its namesake social media platform, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

“Our mission remains the same, it’s still about bringing people together,” said Zuckerberg, noting that the company’s apps and brand would be remaining the same.