Stamford, Connecticut students will now have regular school days on Veterans Day and Columbus Day as the school district has decided to eliminate these holidays from the academic calendar. This decision has sparked controversy and is seen by some as an example of the prevailing trend of social awareness in our public schools.

According to the local ABC affiliate, Columbus Day has become a contentious topic due to Christopher Columbus’ role in the colonization of the New World. In fact, one middle school in the district even organized a workshop titled “Columbus: Hero or Villain?” to explore different perspectives on the historical figure.

The decision to remove these holidays has been met with disappointment and shock from local Republicans, who believe it undermines the significance of these days. Additionally, some individuals view this move as an affront to the sacrifices made by those who have served in the military.

“One word: DISGUSTING to describe Stamford Connecticut,” one angry resident said. “The very backwards, ignorant and obvious communist school board has CANCELLED both Columbus day and Veterans day. The reason? They needed more school days for teaching. WHAT????”

Another wrote, “the leftist town in Stamford Connecticut want’s to eliminate Columbus Day and Veterans Day from the school calendar. This shows enormous disrespect to Italians and Veterans. These people are just like The Taliban, tearing down statues and erasing our History.”

This act is not only disrespectful but also deeply offensive to our Veterans. It is truly disgraceful on multiple fronts. Stamford CT should feel a sense of shame for allowing this to happen.

Despite this, students will continue to observe two Muslim holidays, as well as celebrate Gay Pride and Black History Month. However, it seems that the leaders of the school do not believe it is necessary to have a designated holiday to honor the brave individuals who serve in the military and protect our nation.

It is high time for America to wake up and realize that the woke ideology is gaining control over our country.