A middle school student from North Carolina faced a three-day suspension due to a conversation he had with classmates about Jesus Christ.

The 12-year-old is a seventh-grade student at Envision Science Academy in Wake Forest and holds strong Christian beliefs.

The student’s father shared that he received a call from the assistant dean, requesting his presence for a meeting concerning his son’s “ongoing behavior.”

In a previous school year, some classmates initiated a discussion about Christianity, during which his son explained that a relationship with Jesus Christ was necessary for reaching Heaven.

According to the father, the school deemed this a violation of Title IX. Two students who complained had interrupted the conversation, ridiculing the boy’s faith.

Despite the father informing the dean about his son being taunted, the school focused on the boy’s alleged “borderline harassment.”

It seems that the Christian student was ensnared in a trap set by the other students, resulting in a three-day suspension.

The family contacted the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) for assistance.

Upon learning of the suspension, ACLJ took immediate action. Jordan Sekulow, representing ACLJ, emphasized that the school’s obligation under the First Amendment was to respect the student’s right to express his faith, rather than suppress his beliefs under the guise of “harassment.”

ACLJ informed the school that further legal action would be taken unless the suspension was lifted, expunged from the student’s record, and an apology was issued.

Sekulow emphasized that such behavior, particularly targeting vulnerable students, cannot be tolerated, and ACLJ remains committed to upholding the Constitution and holding schools accountable for such actions.