Fox News host Sean Hannity delighted the audience at the Fox Nation annual Patriot Awards show on Friday night with a candid stand-up routine in Nashville.

In his performance, Hannity delivered sharp commentary on President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), and former President Bill Clinton, humorously referring to the latter as a “horndog.”

Partial transcript:

Wow. This is the only part of the country where normal people are! I live in New York. It is awful. It is so nice to be around normal people!

How great is Pete Hegseth tonight? Are we not proud of Pete and Jan and his wife and the production they’re doing?

I start out tonight. I’ve got bad news. I’m sorry to bring bad news. I got footballs outside, doing my show in about 12 minutes. I’m on the air. And the bad news is Joe Biden is still your president.

I love Nashville. I really love you. I got other bad news. Another bit of bad news. Kamala Harris is still your vice president.

But I have great news! November of 2024 is coming. And you all are going to shock the world. I hope and I pray. Is that gon’ happen? That would be great. You know, it’s the strangest thing. Before I came out here tonight. My staff calls me a former president. You can guess who called and left a message. Who do you think it is? Scream it out. Did you say Trump? No, guess, Again. Who do you think? Obama. Yeah, right. How will freeze over? It was Bill Clinton. Now, how many of you think a full of Adam Schiff?

By the way, my bosses are here. A lot of you complained to my bosses and you say Hannity Curse is on the air because he says it’s a complete shitshow. But if you listen closely, I’m saying, because Adam Schiff is a piece of shit.

But if you say Schiff and shit together, you know, you can mix it up. But I never said it wrong on TV. I said it’s a complete Adam Schiff show. If you say it fast enough, you’ll understand, right? Is that my buddy Jace? My brother. I love you.

But anyway, so where was I? What was I saying? Oh, so the former president Bill Clinton, calls. Now, how many of you think I’m full of Schiff? All right. Now I’m not. Bill Clinton calls, leaves a message and he goes, by the way. D’You all like the new audience format that I’m doing. Do you do you like that? Do you like that better than the other one on the regular one? I’m just asking. So Bill Clinton leaves a message.

“How are you doing? I want to talk to leave a message from our buddy Sean Hannity. Sean, how are you doing it’s your old buddy, Bill Clinton? I’ve been watching your live audience shows. And I just want to tell you, I really have noticed that I really like the shows. And I notice a lot of really hot chicks in that audience of yours.”.

If you did not believe me now, you do, don’t you?

“And I just wanted you to know that my little pumpkin, my little sweet pea, my little honey pie. Hillary is out of town for the next 17 years, and it. And if any of those hot chicks in your audience ever want to talk Chappaqua, just let me know.”.

Now, you totally believe me.