A nursing home in New York City has been repurposed into a migrant shelter, displacing numerous senior residents, including veterans, from their homes. Among those affected is 94-year-old Army veteran Frank Tammaro, who served in the Korean War.

Having resided in the center for five years with the intention of spending his remaining days there, Tammaro and other residents were devastated by the sudden eviction. To their dismay, they learned that the facility was transformed into a shelter for illegal migrants after their removal.

“I do get upset when I see them handing out all this money and all these things, and I’m paying taxes and getting kicked out,” Tammaro said.

“I’ve never got anything from the city. Or the state.”

City authorities estimate that tens of thousands of migrants have entered the designated “sanctuary” city since last spring. The Southern Border crisis, led by Democrat President Joe Biden, is presently causing New York City taxpayers an estimated $5 million per day. Despite previously boasting about NYC being a “sanctuary” for migrants, Mayor Eric Adams has recently expressed concern about the increasing influx, warning that the crisis poses a threat to the city, with the potential to “destroy” it. The daughter of the veteran, who now resides with him, shares the same concerns as her father.

“I don’t understand it at all,” Barbara Annunziata said.

“It’s not fair to anybody.

“These migrants, they’re getting everything.

“They’re getting everything and I can’t get nothing for [Tammaro]. It angers me.”

“I can’t even get him an aide,” she continued, noting that her father’s insurance rejected long-term requests for care.

“I only could get him an aide for 30 days and then they cancel it.

“So what, he has to pay for it then?”

In an attempt to manage the surge, city officials began accommodating migrants in school gyms earlier this year, a move that stirred discontent among NYC residents. Parents voiced concerns that their children were deprived of recess and certain sports activities. The presence of strangers living in their schools essentially put the students on an unexpected “lockdown.”

“I don’t mind giving a helping hand, but when it interferes with the education of our students, I do care,” one New Yorker complained.

“It’s not fair, and it only happens in low-income communities, where children are failing and not empowered in any way,” the resident added.

“It makes me angry.”

Interestingly, with migrants arriving in his designated “sanctuary” city, Mayor Adams has shifted his stance on the border matter. While he has criticized the Biden administration, he continues to hold congressional Republicans accountable for the ongoing challenges.

“It is the irresponsibility of the Republican Party in Washington for refusing to real immigration reform, and it’s the irresponsibility of the White House for not addressing this problem,” Adams said back in May.

Following his criticism of Biden and the border crisis, Adams is currently under federal investigation for corruption, and he faces allegations of sexual assault.