During the press briefing on Tuesday, Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press Secretary, temporarily halted the proceedings when a woman at the back of the press room suddenly fainted. While in the midst of addressing a reporter’s question, Jean-Pierre swiftly responded to the urgent call for help and left the podium to attend to the individual in distress. After a brief period of tension, Jean-Pierre returned to the podium, ensuring that everyone was safe, and resumed the briefing. She acknowledged the heat in the room, remarking that it was unusually warm, as suggested by Kellie Meyer of NewsNation on the X platform.

“During today’s White House press briefing @PressSec stopped the briefing when a woman fainted in the back of the room. KJP immediately went to the back and got her water. A medical team came in. The woman is ok she got lightheaded I’m told and the briefing room is warm today,” she wrote.

The individual in a state of distress received assistance, and Jean-Pierre confirmed that the briefing could continue. ““I think we’re okay to move on. And does anybody need water?” she inquired.