(BLP) – In a new, very concerning report from The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), radical abortion activists are planning to storm the Supreme Court building, and go potentially further by burning it down as soon as the decision for overturning Roe v. Wade is released.

What’s even more alarming is that this report anticipates that activists will even attempt to murder justices and their law clerks. In addition to targeting churches and other places of worship.

Per the DHS memo obtained by Axios:

“Law enforcement agencies are investigating social-media threats to burn down or storm the Supreme Court building and murder justices and their clerks, as well as attacks targeting places of worship.”

Pro-abortion extremists have resorted to violence, vandalism, and other “alternative methods of protest” to try and intimidate Justices into changing their opinions.

Since no one in the mainstream media or at the White House has dared to condemn these activist groups for picketing and protesting outside of the homes of SCOTUS Justices. This new amplified threat to the safety of the Justices should be viewed as the inevitable conclusion for outraged leftists that haven’t been able to sway any opinions through their intimidation efforts thus far.

Now they are upping the ante.

Justice Clarence Thomas has even mocked the media for its attempts to influence his opinion, saying quite cleverly, “I’ll leave my job when I do it poorly as yours.”

All of this unchecked outrage from the left is a dangerous and troubling trend that needs to be stopped. Some other radical measures we’ve seen across the country in just the past few weeks have included: forcing pregnancy centers to close, firebombing pro-life groups, and vandalizing and disrupting churches.


As Life News reported:

“Several churches have been vandalized with pro-abortion graffiti since the Supreme Court leak, including a Catholic church in Boulder, Colorado, another in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Catholic News Agency reports; and a third, the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Houston, Texas.”

“A Tabernacle also was stolen from Saint Bartholomew Catholic Church in Katy, Texas.” the report added.

Additionally, per an article by Axios, radical abortion advocates have been stalking, harassing and sending death-threats to Supreme Court Justices.

As Lia Rose, the founder of Live Action shared on Twitter: “This is totally unacceptable yet we’ve seen little coverage from Left-leaning media groups because it doesn’t fit their narrative.”

Thankfully, it appears that these Justices won’t allow these extremists to get away with threatening the safety of Supreme Court Justices. And not only that, but based on comments from Clarence Thomas alone, it seems as though these protests have only backfired by strengthening opinions more.