(SNews) – A Disney whistleblower has spoken out to expose the company’s disturbing anti-conservative agenda.

The insider has revealed that Disney is “systemically persecuting” conservative employees while rewarding “woke” staff.

The whistleblower claims were revealed in a report from Bounding into Comics.

The whistleblower reveals that Disney has mandated that employees keep Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) diaries.

The workers’ DEI scores determine whether employees would receive punishments, promotions, raises, or even keep their job.

Disney is essentially running the company in the same way that the Chinese Communist Party rules over its citizens.

If you are a good soldier you remain in good standing and get social credit points.

But if you fail to comply with the “woke” agenda, you can lose your livelihood.

The anonymous whistleblower supplied documents to YouTuber WDW Pro.

“It is now our understanding that at Disney since the summer of 2020, many employees of the company have been required to maintain their various virtuous actions within diversity, equity, and inclusion,” WDW Pro said.

“And that diary of their ‘good deeds’ was part of maintaining their job security, but not only that but in fact it was also tied to their job compensation if you can believe it.

“We’re talking about bonuses that you might not receive if you went afoul of Latondra Newton, the prior Chief Diversity Officer of Disney, if you went afoul of her belief systems.”


However, life would get worse for those who objected to Newton’s sinister ideals.

Dissenters would be sent to HR to be re-educated:

Starting in the summer of 2020 and moving forward until today, if you espouse political beliefs in the workplace, or outside the workplace, or on social media and those political or sociocultural beliefs did not align with very far left views than you could expect to be sent to HR to have some serious conversations and discussions.

In doing this, the Walt Disney Company seems to have eliminated the vast majority of their conservative employees and have turned the company into a monolithic kind of state where everyone there is is either far to the left on the spectrum or they are a moderate or conservative in hiding.

WDW Pro then relayed information from the whistleblower that Newton had a subordinate helping her enforce her radical agenda.

The aide instituted a new process to hire people based on DEI principles.

The move sought to eliminate conservative candidates and slowly purge non-woke workers from the company.

There’s an individual under Newton who apparently also instituted a new process by which to hire people.

And that hiring process is part of the DEI initiative.

He stripped out the need for a significant number of applicants to meet any kind of criteria whatsoever.

As Slay News reported, Latondra Newton recently quit after several Disney movies flopped that had been laced with her “woke” messaging.

She left Disney in June after spending six years engulfing the company with Marxist ideology.

During her reign, Disney pushed the radical leftist agenda into its animated films and race-swapped white characters.

She also oversaw ditching “fairy godmothers” for more “gender-neutral” titles at dress-up boutiques inside its theme parks.

Moreover, Newton also got rid of Disney World’s longtime greeting, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” from its Magic Kingdom fireworks show to promote “inclusivity.”