(The Post Millennial) – Palm Elementary School in Lorain, Ohio is under fire after both the principal and lunch aide allegedly forced a nine-year-old child to eat food from the garbage can in December.

According to the lawsuit, the student was eating waffles and decided to throw them away because she didn’t like them, WKWC reports.

Monika Sommers-Fridenstine, the school’s lunch aide at that time, pulled the waffles from the garbage can, wiped them off, and gave them back to the young student to eat.

Debra Pustulka, the school’s principal who was also in the room, told the student she had to finish the trashed waffles after Sommers-Fridenstine pulled them out, according to court documents which was captured on video.

The lawsuit claims Sommers-Fridenstine sat across from the student and made her finish the waffles while her classmates laughed at her, leaving her traumatized.

Lorain City Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeff Graham fired both Sommers-Fridenstine and Pustulka following an investigation. Graham reached out to the young girl’s family and apologized on behalf of the district.

“Any infringement upon the dignity and respect of our students will not be tolerated,” Graham said in a public statement. “Our students deserve staff members who are able to make good decisions in all situations — and any staff member who is unable to deliver on that promise is unwelcome in our schools.”