A recent report from NBC News reveals that the political Left and the bureaucratic “deep state” in America are already strategizing a potential “military coup” against President Donald Trump. According to the report, far-left national security “experts” and insiders from the Pentagon have expressed their concerns about Trump seeking “retribution” if he is reelected. These concerns have escalated due to the possibility of Trump utilizing the U.S. military to enforce his political agenda if he returns to the Oval Office.

Interestingly, NBC News unintentionally acknowledges the existence of a “deep state” in their comprehensive report.

The outlet suggests that this alleged “deep state” is actively working to orchestrate a military coup against Trump, should he be legitimately elected by the American people. The article from NBC portrays a left-wing conspiracy aimed at disrupting the military’s loyalty to civilian control.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway wrote:

“NBC reports the left is plotting ways to have military not be under civilian control.

“This dangerous and unconstitutional usurpation of power is being framed by NBC as good because it will undermine Trump if he is freely and fairly elected by Americans.”

The report has caused great concern among Americans who value freedom and liberty.

Numerous individuals have promptly highlighted the potential risks associated with the absence of civilian oversight over the military.

“Civilian control of the military is part of the bedrock foundation of American democracy,” according to War on the Rocks.

“The democratic project is not threatened by the existence of a powerful standing military so long as civilian and military leaders — and the rank-and-file they lead — embrace and implement effective civilian control.

“Civilian control is exercised within the executive branch for operational orders by the chain of command, which runs from the president to the civilian secretary of defense to the combatant commanders.”

A collaborative endeavor is presently underway, led by a coalition of public interest groups and lawmakers, to proactively anticipate and prevent any potential “misuse” of presidential powers.

This initiative involves vigilant scrutiny of Trump’s policy declarations and the interviews conducted by his associates, in order to assess the potential trajectory of a hypothetical second Trump administration. Prominent participants in this preemptive endeavor encompass Democracy Forward and Protect Democracy.

Both organizations are known for their left-leaning ideologies and have a track record of challenging the Trump administration through legal means. They are currently engaged in forging alliances and preparing for legal battles, with the aim of countering any instances of power abuse from the very onset.