(JTNews) – A recount in a Massachusetts state House race has seen the Democratic candidate reverse an initial Republican advantage and claim a one-vote lead.

Republican Lenny Mirra, a five-term incumbent, led Democrat Kristin Kassner by 10 votes in the original tabulation, out of a total 24,155 votes, according to the Epoch Times.

Following the recount, however, Kassner was a single vote ahead of the Republican in the race to represent a recently redrawn North Shore district in the state House in Boston.

The hand recount resulted in 11,763 votes for Kassner to 11,762 for Mirra. The Republican plans to challenge the recount results.

The state has yet to certify the race.

Mirra told the Boston Globe that there were irregularities that may affect the results. “Some [ballots]were filled out in pencil, some were filled out with different colored ink, some had stray marks. Some had a name written in the write-in and then an oval filled out,” the Republican said.

Kassner, meanwhile, asserted the process went smoothly, telling CBS the recount “was just really just to ensure that, between humans and machines, we really caught every vote that was counted.”