The legal approach adopted by the Biden Justice Department in relation to the multiple indictments against former President Donald Trump encompasses several dimensions, as analyzed by a political commentator. These strategies, as described by author and commentator James Lindsay during an interview with EpochTV, seem to have detrimental implications for the nation’s future.

Lindsay explained that there’s a deliberate operation underway, often referred to as “fifth generational warfare” by those familiar with its tactics.

He broke down the diverse strategies being employed against Trump, which range from psychological tactics akin to those utilized by manipulative abusers to the Marxist principles outlined by Saul Alinsky in his work “Rules for Radicals.”

Lindsay emphasized that the “us versus them” concept, in the context of Trump, isn’t confined to left or right ideologies. Instead, it encompasses everyone who believes in the American experiment and Western civilization. “Us” refers to individuals who support these values, regardless of political affiliation, race, or other identifiers, while “them” denotes those aiming to dismantle these ideals.

The term “DARVO,” representing “deny, attack, reverse victim and offender,” characterizes a psychological strategy frequently used by manipulative abusers. Lindsay noted how this approach often unfolds in media cycles, where the accused denies wrongdoing, attacks the accuser, and shifts the roles of victim and offender.

In the case of the Biden family scandals, Lindsay pointed out how this technique is applied: deny allegations, attack Trump, and portray themselves as victims. This tactic, Lindsay noted, serves a purpose: “Operation Make Trump Messy.”

Its objective appears to be twofold – discourage people from supporting Trump due to the perceived legal troubles associated with him and corner him into a nomination. Lindsay suggests that the far left might eventually deem Trump “ineligible” for office, which could lead to attempts to remove him from the presidential ballot.

Lindsay further explained that this strategy is intended to weaken Trump emotionally, mentally, and financially, potentially diminishing his effectiveness as a candidate.

The strategies mentioned have their roots in the updated version of “Rules for Radicals” from the 1960s, with the playbook available online at

A core principle of this strategy is “middle-level violence,” aiming to force opponents into a difficult decision-making situation. Lindsay elaborated that this tactic involves provocation, creating a response necessity but not enough to justify the reaction received.

Lindsay concluded that the ultimate goal of these strategies could be to erode public faith in the rule of law, potentially leading to individuals taking matters into their own hands, which could then be used against them, as seen in events like January 6.

He emphasized that understanding these tactics can significantly reduce their power and effectiveness.