(The Post Millennial) – On Monday night in Denton, Texas, a pro-life vigil was underway when it was crashed by hundreds of Antifa protestors, who attempted to drown the event out.

In the video, the pro-life activists who gathered for the event were chanting “Christ is King,” to which the Antifa counter protestors started shouting “F*ck your God.”

The pro-life prayer vigil was led on campus Monday by the local Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) chapter at the University of North Texas (UNT).

According to Fox News, Kelly Neidert, founder of the YCT chapter at UNT, stated: “They harassed us, they were throwing things at us,” she said. “They were chanting things. They brought all sorts of instruments that they were playing to drown out whatever we were saying. They brought their megaphones; they brought whistles.”

Neidert said that several Antifa activists tried to pick fights with the pro-life students, told the group to kill themselves, and followed the conservatives to their cars to harass them further. Neidert said that she and her fellow demonstrators were caught off-guard by the size of the massive opposition.

An online advertisement emblazoned with the three-arrow insignia of Antifa was circulated on social media to rally comrades to outnumber the dozen of pro-life activists. “Fascists are organizing in your area,” the release read on Twitter, directed to members of Antifa in the area of the university. “Tonight the young conservatives have invited groyper influencers & white nationalists such as Lance Johnston to a pro life ‘vigil’ in supporting christo-fascist abortion legislation.”


“A few hundred students with opposing views gathered on campus Monday evening to exercise their free speech rights. The gathering ended without incident,” UNT spokesperson Leigh Anne Gullett told Fox News in a press statement.

Texans have been extremely divided over the new state abortion law, since dubbed the “Heartbeat Law,” which places severe restrictions on abortions.

Neidert noted that some of the Antifa instigators also expressed hatred for Republican Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott who recently signed the controversial law banning abortion in the state after the detection of a fetal heartbeat.