(BLP) – A leftist 4th grade school teacher has been suspended from her Utah public school after expressing racist, anti-white views over social media.

“If you look around my classroom and you interact with the materials I have, you’ll notice there are no white kids represented,” the teacher said in the video that went viral, adding that her classroom “is built for non-white students.”

The video can be seen here:

Ben Horsley, who serves as spokesman for the Granite School District, said in a statement that the teacher’s remarks “very disconcerting and she has been placed on leave while the district investigates the matter.”

Big League Politics has reported on far-left indoctrination targeting children in order to destroy their minds, warp their souls, and turn them against their family, their culture, their faith and their nation:

“Five Virginia families have filed a lawsuit against the Albemarle school district for indoctrinating students in anti-white critical race theory, seeking to block the implementation of a far-left curriculum selected by the school district in 2019.

The curriculum in question requires K-12 students to acknowledge the left-wing lie of “white privilege,” nailing them for so-called “passive racism” if they fail to bend the knee before the lie. Albemarle schools curriculum are colored with teachings from neoracist author Ibram X. Kendi, content which the lawsuit’s court documents lay out in detail.

“A public school should not, and in this case under the law cannot, indoctrinate kids in a destructive, race-based ideology,” Ryan Bangert, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom(which is litigating the case on behalf of the plaintiffs), told Fox News on Thusday. Bangert said that Albemarle students were “being told that they are defined by their race and nothing else. They’re being told that they fit into groups of oppressors or groups of subordinate oppressed based entirely on their race and nothing else, that their success in life or their lack of success in life will be determined by their race.”

The curriculum in question likens a wide variety of behaviors and beliefs to “racism,” thoroughly endorsing the CRT precept of a world defined and dominated by omniscient “white privilege” and racism. One slide in the Albemarle curriculum likens preference for verbal communication itself and “task oriented” thinking as “white,” in madness that assigns everyday human behaviors to racialized factions.”

Putting this teacher on paid leave while the heat dies down is not enough. She needs to be fired and perhaps even prosecuted for child abuse. No more tolerance for leftist groomers and enemies of the Republic.