(TStarnes) – A very dangerous situation is unfolding at the Southern border where thousands of illegals are trying to rush border entry points. Watch video from the border above.

Border Patrol has called for back up and there are reports that law enforcement from across El Paso is on the way to assist.

From our friend Bill Melugin at Fox News:

“Our contact in Juarez, MX tells us a massive group of at least 1,000 migrants just attempted to rush a port of entry in El Paso in an effort to get into the United States. Video shows them pushing past the Mexican side of Paso Del Norte bridge. Awaiting CBP comment.

Another video from our contact. We’re told some crowd control measures were used (unclear which side of border), and a chunk of the group was repelled, and is now gathering at another smaller bridge, while some are trying to cross in the river. Waiting for more details from CBP.

Television station KTSM reports that “multiple El Paso law enforcement agencies are responding to the Paso Del Norte Bridge to assist Customs and Border Protection.”

According to a report in El Diario, a Spanish-language newspaper in Juarez, invaders are trying to force their way across the bridge into the United States.

Other video posted below shows dozens of Border Patrol agents fighting to hold back the invading horde of illegals.