(The Post Millennial) – A photo has gone viral showing an incident that took place in a school in the North Penn School District in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The photo shows a teacher taping a mask to a male student’s face.

It’s not confirmed who took the photo or when or where exactly the taping happened. The school district did, however, confirm on Wednesday that the incident, similar to a Sept 2021 incident which happened in Las Vegas, did take place in one of their schools.

According to the Courier Times, “the North Penn School District released a statement Wednesday afternoon as the image continued to gain traction online. The statement did not confirm the school that the incident took place.”

The statement reads, in part:

“An image taken in one of our classrooms last week and circulating on social media does not represent the universal values that the North Penn School District strives to instill in both our students and staff.”

“After an immediate investigation, it was determined that while the incident was isolated and no malice was intended, the actions of the teacher were entirely inappropriate and unacceptable, no matter the context.”

The statement continues, also not naming the teacher or the school involved, or what actions have been or may be taken in the matter:

“We understand that the act of taping a mask to a student’s face is concerning to many and apologize that it occurred. The matter is serious and it is being addressed with the employee.”

School mask mandates are very controversial. In some parts of the country, forcing students to wear a mask has been banned altogether.