Target is facing increased criticism as a boycott initiated by One Million Moms gains momentum. The conservative group is angered by the big box retailer’s gay pride Christmas merchandise, including Gay Santas and pride nutcrackers prominently featured in many stores.

One Million Moms contends that Target intentionally disregarded Christians during a Christian holiday, and their campaign suggests keeping children and elves away from Santa’s workshop. This backlash follows a previous controversy in May when Target was criticized for promoting transgender merchandise, including an item with the message “Satan respects pronouns.”

In response, Christians are encouraged to express their displeasure through means such as avoiding shopping at Target and refraining from family vacations to Disney. The belief is that these actions will send a clear message – advocating the notion that going woke leads to financial repercussions.

The critique emphasizes that Target appears to misunderstand that the essence of the holiday season has nothing to do with a gay nutcracker.