A Harris County Sheriff’s deputy, who was on duty as a security personnel at Houston’s Lakewood Church on Sunday morning, successfully intervened and halted a shooter.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez promptly addressed the shooting incident, stating in a social media post that “There are indications that a potential shooter has been neutralized, as one of our deputies on-site discharged their weapon. I am currently en route to the location.”

According to a report by Click2Houston, the assailant purportedly initiated gunfire within the church lobby. Witnesses mentioned that “the shooter may have been a female.”

Video captured the sound of the gunshots:

ABC News has recently reported that Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez has made a correction to his previous statement regarding the identity of the individual who fired the shot. In his updated statement, Gonzalez clarified that it was not a sheriff’s deputy who discharged the firearm, but rather, the shooter was apprehended by “other agencies” who were present at the scene.