Former Congresswoman Liz Cheney has voiced her displeasure after Republican 2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy asserted that Jan. 6 was an “inside job” on national television.

The ex-Republican House leader criticized Ramaswamy for his statements made during Wednesday’s GOP 2024 debate.

Cheney, a prominent member of the Democrats’ Jan. 6 House Committee, attempted to interpret Ramaswamy’s remarks as an assault against her political adversary.

“If what he means by ‘inside job’ is it was a sitting president of the United States who launched a coup against the government, that there were members of the House of Representatives who helped him … that absolutely is true,” she said angrily Thursday on “CBS Mornings.”

During the debate, Ramaswamy said:

“The real enemy is not Donald Trump.

“It’s not even Joe Biden.

“It is the deep state that at least Donald Trump attempted to take on.

“And if you want somebody who’s going to speak truth to power, then vote for somebody who’s going to speak the truth to you.

“Why am I the only person on the stage at least who can say that Jan. 6 now does look like it was an inside job?”

Ramaswamy also claimed that the 2020 election “was indeed stolen by Big Tech” and the 2016 election “was stolen from [Trump] by the national security establishment.”

Cheney proclaimed that Vivek’s remarks were “Area 51 conspiracy theory garbage.”

She then went on to claim that Ramaswamy is “the dream of the Chinese Community Party” and “of the Russian government.”

“What he is doing and saying and the extent to which he is just serving as a really destructive force is something that our adversaries I’m sure are pleased about,” she said.