President Joe Biden faced another setback on Saturday when Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) became the latest Democrat member of Congress to withdraw her support. Craig’s decision came after Biden’s recent ABC News interview failed to address the concerns of his critics. Craig, who represents a battleground district in Minnesota, publicly called on Biden to step aside early Saturday morning, emphasizing the importance of honesty in leadership. She is the fifth member of Congress to make such a demand following Biden’s lackluster performance in the June 27 debate.

Despite Biden’s previous victory in Minnesota by a significant margin, recent polls indicate a shift in support towards former President Donald Trump. A survey conducted by McLaughlin & Associates in June shows Trump leading with 41 percent, compared to Biden’s 37 percent. The remaining support is divided among other candidates, with a notable percentage of undecided voters.

In her statement, Craig acknowledged Biden’s past support for her legislative efforts before expressing her disappointment in his current leadership.