President Donald Trump responded to his former VP Mike Pence’s decision not to endorse his re-election bid by stating that he was not concerned about it. He further elaborated on the qualities he seeks in a potential running mate, which seemed to no longer align with Pence. During a press briefing after voting in the Florida primary election, Trump briefly addressed reporters who inquired about Pence’s endorsement snub.

“Oh, I couldn’t care less. I couldn’t care less,” Trump replied without hesitation.

“We need patriots,” he noted.

“We need strong people in our country.

“Our country is going downhill very fast, very rapidly.”

“Millions of people coming across the border.

“Coming from jails, prisons,” he added.

“Coming from mental institutions and insane asylums — terrorists.

“We need strong people in this country.

“We don’t need weak people.”