Former President Donald Trump is widely recognized for his ability to handle hecklers, as demonstrated during a recent rally at the Waukesha County Expo Center in Wisconsin. While discussing the importance of restoring peace on university campuses amidst anti-Israel protests, an individual in the audience began shouting. It remains unclear whether this person was upset by Trump’s remarks about the arrest of demonstrators or simply held disdain for him.

However, the heckler’s attempt to disrupt the event did not go as planned. The resounding chants of “USA” from the crowd drowned out the heckler’s feeble cries, reducing them to insignificance amidst the overwhelming patriotic cheers. Trump, always one to embrace the energy of the crowd, couldn’t resist joining in on the lively atmosphere.

“Where did he come from?” the Trump said.

He then told the heckler, “Go home to mom, right? Go home to your mom. Say hello to mother,” Trump said. “Oh, she’s gonna be angry. Because she’s watching right now on television. She’s watching on television. She’s saying, ‘That’s my son.’”

He proceeded to jest about how the media would portray it as “chaos” when in reality it was just one individual shouting something that Trump couldn’t even hear.

Watch the full speech below: