President Donald Trump has provided an explanation for his potential need to make alterations to the Oval Office upon his return to the White House. As per a report from The New York Times, an anonymous source informed the publication that Trump claimed Democrat President Joe Biden had an unfortunate incident while seated at the renowned Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

During a 45-minute presentation at a dinner hosted by investor John Paulson on Saturday night, Trump supposedly made these comments. He used this opportunity to criticize Biden’s border policy and mock him for making unfavorable decisions while occupying the Resolute Desk. Furthermore, Trump addressed the audience and asserted that Biden had an embarrassing mishap while seated behind the desk, which was presented to the United States by Queen Victoria in 1880.

“The Resolute Desk is beautiful,” Trump proclaimed.

“Ronald Reagan used it, others used it.”

The anonymous participant reported that Trump appeared “appalled” by Biden as he recounted the narrative. Subsequently, he addressed the audience, stating that Biden is still “utilizing” the desk following the purported incident.

“I might not use it the next time,” Trump said.

“It’s been soiled. And I mean that literally, which is sad.”

According to the source, laughter erupted among the guests when Trump insinuated that Biden had defecated on the desk. This comment came after a passionate criticism of Biden’s open border policy.

When describing illegal aliens pouring into America, he noted that they “make the Hells Angels look like extremely nice people.”

“These are people coming in from prisons and jails,” Trump said.

“They’re coming in from just unbelievable places and countries, countries that are a disaster.”

“And when I said, you know, why can’t we allow people to come in from nice countries, I’m trying to be nice,” Trump said.

“Nice countries, you know like Denmark, Switzerland?

“Do we have any people coming in from Denmark?

“How about Switzerland? How about Norway?”

“Under Crooked Joe Biden, every state is now a border state,” Trump noted.

“Every town is now a border town because Joe Biden has brought the carnage and chaos and killing from all over the world and dumped it straight into our backyards,” Trump said.