Supporters of former President Donald Trump achieved a win as a case involving fake electors was thrown out in Nevada by Judge Mary Kay Holthus. The case was dismissed on the grounds that Clark County was not the suitable jurisdiction, as reported by The Nevada Independent.

“At a Friday morning hearing in Clark County District Court, Judge Mary Kay Holthus said she was unconvinced by state prosecutors’ arguments that Clark County was the appropriate county in which to hear the case. The electors’ attorneys had argued a more appropriate venue would be in Carson City, where the illegitimate signing ceremony took place, or in Douglas County, where the fake elector documents were originally mailed from,” the report said.

If one is curious as to why prosecutors, who should have had better judgment, decided to bring the case to Clark County, the reason could potentially lie in the fact that Clark County has 468,651 registered Democrats compared to 357,762 registered Republicans, as indicated by the records of the Nevada Secretary of State.

In contrast, Carson City has 14,927 registered Republicans and 9,805 registered Democrats, while Douglas County has a total of 21,840 registered Republicans and 7,942 registered Democrats. Considering these figures, it is plausible that prosecutors were aiming to secure a jury that leaned heavily towards Democrats, which could have increased the likelihood of convicting the Republicans involved in the case.

“You have literally, in my opinion, a crime that has occurred in another jurisdiction,” the judge said. “It’s so appropriately up north and so appropriately not here.”

Nevada’s Democratic Attorney General, Aaron Ford, has pledged to challenge the ruling.

“The judge got it wrong, and we’ll be appealing immediately,” he said.

However, the defense attorney boldly stated that the case had no chance of success.

Attorney Margaret McLetchie, representing Jesse Law, the chairman of the Clark County Republican party, stated that the case has reached its conclusion. In December, the attorney general expressed assurance in his case while announcing the charges.

“The six defendants, who were indicted by a grand jury in the Eighth Judicial District Court, falsely portrayed themselves as Nevada’s presidential electors in the aftermath of the 2020 election. The six individuals have been charged with Offering a False Instrument for Filing, a Category C felony, and Uttering a Forged Instrument, a Category D felony, for offering a false instrument titled “Certificate of the Votes of the 2020 Electors from Nevada” to the President of the Senate; the Archivist of the United States; the Nevada Secretary of State; and the United States District Court for the District of Nevada,” the press release said.

“When the efforts to undermine faith in our democracy began after the 2020 election, I made it clear that I would do everything in my power to defend the institutions of our nation and our state,” the attorney general said. “We cannot allow attacks on democracy to go unchallenged. Today’s indictments are the product of a long and thorough investigation, and as we pursue this prosecution, I am confident that our judicial system will see justice done.”

“The six Nevadans who were charged are Michael McDonald, Jesse Law, Jim DeGraffenreid, Durward James Hindle III, Shawn Meehan, and Eileen Rice,” the press release said.