President Trump strongly criticized the Biden Administration for disrespecting Easter Sunday. The White House released a proclamation on Good Friday, designating Easter Sunday as “Transgender Visibility Day,” which caused a significant backlash from the Christian community. Christians accused the White House of prioritizing the LGBT agenda over their religious beliefs.

President Trump addressed this contentious issue during a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, expressing his disappointment in Biden’s lack of respect towards Christians.

“And what the hell was Biden thinking when he declared Easter Sunday to be trans visibility day?” Trump said on Tuesday. “Such total disrespect to Christians.”

The president further stated that the designation for November 5th will be different from that of Election Day.

“And on Nov. 5, it is going to be called something else. You know, it’s going to be called Christian Visibility Day,” Trump declared to huge applause. The Democratic Party’s assault on Easter Sunday has, at the very least, presented the 2024 presidential election as a battle between good and evil, and right and wrong.