U.S. Army officials have expressed concern over the insufficient funding for America’s military, highlighting the ongoing issue of diverting taxpayer money towards the perpetuation of the conflict in Ukraine. President Joe Biden, with or without Congress approval, has significantly depleted the resources and finances of the U.S. military in his efforts to support Ukraine. Despite the fact that the funds sent to Ukraine will never be repaid, the U.S. continues to allocate billions of tax dollars to aid Ukraine in its battle against the Russian invasion that began in February 2022.

The U.S. Army’s Europe and Africa Command has now issued a warning that it will face financial crisis within a few months unless House Republicans agree to pass the latest foreign aid package proposed by the Senate. This package allocates approximately $60 billion for the Ukraine conflict. This revelation not only highlights the alarming depletion of the U.S. military’s budget and stockpiles due to Biden’s unwavering support for the Ukrainian war effort, but also showcases the administration’s and political establishment’s tactics of guilt-tripping and fear-mongering to pressure hesitant lawmakers into approving further taxpayer-funded aid for Ukraine.

CNN has reported that while Congress and the White House continue to argue over a stalled $95 billion foreign aid package, the U.S. Army’s Europe and Africa Command has already spent around $430 million from its own budget to provide assistance and training related to Ukraine since the start of the fiscal year in October 2023.

An unnamed senior Army official has now cautioned that without a complete 2024 defense budget or any additional funding for Ukraine, the command only has approximately $3 billion available to cover costs exceeding $5 billion for regular activities, operations, and Ukraine-related expenses. According to the report, this funding could be completely exhausted within a few more months.

“If we don’t get a base budget, if we don’t get Ukraine supplemental [funding package], if the government shuts down, if we get nothing else and nothing changes from today,” the anonymous official reportedly cautioned, “we will run out of [operations and maintenance]funding in May.”

According to an unidentified Army official, it has been reported that in order to support the Ukraine-related endeavors, it is imperative to reallocate operational funds from less critical projects within the budget; otherwise, the Army’s existence would be jeopardized.

CNN also stated that Army Secretary Christine Wormuth, the top civilian official responsible for overseeing the military branch’s yearly budget, mentioned to the media that the Army may have to reallocate resources if Congress, specifically House Republicans, does not promptly approve the annual defense budget and the additional foreign aid package. If the significant agreement is approved, a significant portion of the funding will be allocated towards Ukraine in some capacity.

“Every incremental dollar I have, it’s very important where I put that dollar,” Wormuth said.

“And I’m constantly choosing between, do we put it on barracks?

“Do I put it on enlistment incentives?

“Do I put it on exercises? Do I put it on modernization?

“I don’t have spare cash to be just sort of donating some of that,” she said.

“This was money that we anticipated to be replenished, obviously, by the supplemental.”

The unidentified high-ranking Army officer further escalated his alarmist rhetoric by pondering the wider repercussions of Congress not authorizing the funding requested by President Biden and his allies.

They warned, “It’s all interconnected.

“And what we’re doing in one space is impacting us everywhere.

“We renege on this stuff — you don’t think China’s watching out there in the Pacific?

“You don’t think that’s going to have direct impacts on the Pacific? … Russia is definitely watching.”