(Big League Politics) – Big Tech social media platform Twitter has backed down after attempting to permanently suspend a wounded US Army veteran who is running for the US Senate in Nevada as a Republican.

Sam Brown woke up on Monday morning to find out his personal Twitter account had been “permanently suspended.”

It was only after Fox News contacted Twitter to gain insight as to why the ruthless corporate platform had suspended a major statewide candidate and American veteran that the company restored Brown, emailing him and apologizing for the censorship.

Twitter had previously slapped an innocuous photo of Brown saluting an American flag with an “insensitive content” label. The soft censorship appears to be a result of Twitter’s automated systems misidentifying Brown’s burned face.

“Big Tech is waging an all-out attack on conservative voices — using unequally applied ‘rules’ to censor or suspend anyone they disagree with,” Brown told Fox News in an exclusive statement. “This summer, they censored my tweets as ‘potentially sensitive content.’ This morning, they suspended my account without warning or cause.”

Brown, a West Point graduate, had qualified as an Airborne Ranger during his Army career, later suffering serious burns in an IED incident in Afghanistan in 2008. He’s running in the Republican primary to defeat Catherine Cortez Mastro, a pro-amnesty Democrat some have pointed to as a target for a possible Republican Senate pickup 2022.

“Big Tech knows their days of one-sided censorship and divisive influence are numbered with conservative voices like me in the Senate,” Brown said. “I will not back down from this fight – Twitter has messed with the wrong soldier.”