On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a press briefing that the Biden administration is working with big tech companies to further censor Americans on social media platforms.  

“As you know, President Trump has been barred from a lot of social media sites,” a reporter told  Psaki. “Just curious whether you think his absence has made our job any easier, or the White House’s job any easier as it kind of goes forward on these COVID negotiations?”

“We don’t spend a lot of time talking about or thinking about President Trump here, former President Trump, to be very clear. I think that is a question that’s probably more appropriate for Republican members who are looking for ways to support a bipartisan package,” Psaki said. “But I can’t say we miss him on Twitter.”

“Does President Biden support the continuing ban of President Trump on their sites?” the reporter continued.

“I think that’s a decision made by Twitter. We’ve certainly spoken to, and he’s spoken to the need for social media platforms to reduce hate speech,” Psaki responded.

Free speech is protected by the first amendment, and yet Democrats and the Biden administration continue to target and censor Americans that have a different political view than themselves. 

As per Twitter:

“Many of the individuals impacted by this updated enforcement action held multiple accounts, driving up the total number of accounts impacted. More than 70,000 accounts have been suspended as a result of our efforts.”

Twitter also says that it has blocked several keywords from search and trends. TikTok and Instagram also blocked several hashtags and terms. It’s clear that big tech companies are colluding to silence Americans’ right of free speech.