(TPM) – Ana Navarro strongly implied abortions are necessary because they can relieve mothers from caring for children with special needs.

The CNN Contributor and sometime View co-host spouted her reasoning Friday, after the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade, giving individual states the authority to determine abortion legislation.

“I have a family with a lot of special needs cases,” Navarro said.

“I have a brother who is 57 and has the mental and motor skills of a one year old.”

“I have a step-granddaughter who was born with down syndrome.”

“I’ve got another step-grandson who is very autistic.”

Those with special needs create a toll “financially, emotionally, physically for a family,” Navarro said. And mothers in the special needs community are often lonely and consider suicide because it’s difficult to find help for their kids, she said.

That’s not to mention the financial issues mothers of special needs children face, Navarro said, parroting a common CNN talking point.

CNN Commentator S.E. Cupp said she also has special needs children in her family, including an autistic child. Cupp said she’s never met a parent of an autistic child who wished they aborted their child.

“These children face enough stigmas and challenges,” she wrote on Twitter. “Please don’t use our incredible, special, wonderful, super-hero kids to make political arguments, especially about the benefits of abortion.”

Cupp said she didn’t want Roe overturned, but “don’t even for a second make it about our special needs kids. NOT EVEN ONE SECOND.”

Navarro used with Catholic faith as a final lynchpin in her pro-abortion argument for aborting kids with special needs.

“So why can I be Catholic and still think this is a wrong decision,” Navarro rhetorically asked before answering, “because I’m Catholic when it comes to me.”