The field of the Congressional baseball game experienced a momentary disruption when climate protesters forcefully entered. On Wednesday, the activist group Climate Defiance took to X to share a sequence of posts regarding the demonstration.


The group then claimed, “We were brutalized tonight – beaten and bruised as we took over the Congressional Baseball Game. Our bodies are bloodied but our spirits are unmoved. We will build a better world. We will rise again. We will prevail. Just you wait.”

Climate defiance also argued, “Make no mistake: It’s the Members of Congress who should be locked up.”

The Capitol Police posted on X, “We are proud of our officers who are working to keep everyone safe during tonight’s Congressional Baseball Game for Charity.”

“Before the charity game, we were aware that some people planned to possibly protest. This was discussed during our planning meetings and put in our comprehensive action plan to ensure we had plenty of resources to swiftly respond,” it added.