Hillary Clinton, a two-time unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate, has accused President Donald Trump of aspiring to be a dictator and having a strong admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a statement filled with falsehoods given to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Clinton criticized Trump and the Republicans while discussing the Senate’s stalled bill that aims to provide billions of dollars to perpetuate Ukraine’s ongoing war with Russia.

The aid package, which is ironically named the “border security bill,” allocates billions of dollars towards fueling foreign conflicts while offering minimal resources to secure the open Southern Border. Earlier this month, Republican Senators voted against advancing a compromised bill due to widespread opposition from voters and House lawmakers.

The Senate’s $118.28 billion “national security” supplemental package directs $60 billion in military assistance to Ukraine, with only $20.23 billion allocated for border security measures. Notably, the bill does not provide any funding for the construction of a border wall.

This situation arises amidst an unprecedented influx of military-age males from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and China crossing the Southern Border. Following the Senate’s failure to pass this bill last week, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) introduced another supplemental aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Last Tuesday, the Senate approved Schumer’s supplementary aid package, allotting a substantial $95 billion to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Surprisingly, 22 Republicans voted in favor of providing financial assistance to foreign nations, seemingly disregarding the ongoing crisis at the U.S. border.

However, the $95 billion package faced an unfortunate fate in the House last week, as Republican Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) promptly halted its progress. Following this development, Democrats and their media allies are intensifying their efforts to pressure Speaker Johnson into funding Ukraine.

The primary argument put forth by the Left is that those who oppose the bill are “MAGA extremists” who blindly follow Trump’s lead. Hillary Clinton wasted no time in embracing this narrative, even adding some “Trump-Russia” allegations to further her point. According to Clinton, Trump is an aspiring dictator who seeks inspiration from Russia’s “murderous, brutal” President Vladimir Putin.