(Breitbart) – For the third straight week, college football fans have been heard breaking out in chants of “F*ck Joe Biden” as Biden’s presidency continues to spiral downward in the polls with a wave of crises and scandals such as the crisis on the border, unpopular forced vaccine mandates, a worsening economy, and out of control spending, not to mention the debacle in Afghanistan.

Fans unhappy with Biden’s actions plied the chant at the University of Kentucky on Saturday:

The chant also rang out in Tennessee and Wyoming:

Chants broke out a few weeks ago at games, including Coastal Carolina, Virginia Tech, Auburn, Texas A&M, and more.

Last weekend the chant was even heard at the Chicago Bears-LA Rams game.

Joe Biden’s approval rating has fallen under 50 percent and has stayed there for weeks. That, as pollsters say, puts him “under water,” a position from which politicians rarely recover.

The latest Quinnipiac University poll, for instance, found Biden at 48 percent after his mishandling of Afghanistan, the coronavirus, the border, and a myriad of other disastrous policies. Of note, Quinnipiac usually leans Democrat and gives Democrats the best ratings.