Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) requested that a Jewish Newsmax reporter leave a press briefing after the reporter inquired about why Democratic senators had not denounced Representative Rashida Tlaib’s (D-MI) pro-Hamas remarks.

This incident occurred during a joint press conference involving both Republican and Democratic senators in Tel Aviv.

Reporter Daniel Cohen addressed the senators, pointing out that Tlaib’s tweet, which condemned Israel for a hospital attack that was later proven to be false, was still publicly accessible.

Graham proceeded to then EXPLODE in rage…

“We are here together, not to talk about the problems at home, which are many,” an angry Graham said, pointing his finger at Cohen. “I’ve got my own view of what to say — you’re not going to screw this up.”

Cohen replied that he was asking a “fair question,” but Graham interrupted.

“You’re not going to screw this up,” he said.

The senator then pointed to security and yelled for them to remove Cohen.

“Get this guy out of here!” Graham said.

Watch the ugly encounter below: