Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) during an interview on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime” on Friday, discussed why Republicans lost Georgia and Pennsylvania. As to rectify these losses, he urged Republicans to embrace the working class.  He continued saying the GOP has to be “the party of the working people in this nation.”

Hawley went on to stress the importance of getting workers’ jobs and skills training without having to obtain a four-year college education..

“If we are not the party of working people, we won’t have a future as a party. That is what Donald Trump showed us and that is path forward,” Hawley said. 

Sen. Hawley argued that Democrats have supported policies that compel the United States to compete with countries that engage in unfair labor practices. 

“Well, how about bringing jobs back to our urban core from overseas?” he said. “Why don’t we start there? Why don’t we start with the disastrous trade policies and economic policies that the liberals in step with a big corporation have pursued for 30, 40 years and who’s been hurt most, working folks, African Americans working folks, Latino working folks, white working folks, Asian working folks, you name it. They’re the ones whose communities have suffered as these jobs have been shipped off to China. As these jobs have been shipped overseas to the lowest bidder to the lowest wages.”

“The Democrats have made American workers compete with slave labor, and they’ve done it in order to get rich, so the big corporations could get rich. It’s time to bring those jobs back and create opportunities in our urban core, in our rural areas, everywhere. For American workers, that’s where I’d start,” Hawley added.