Former President Donald Trump alleges that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who previously worked in his administration as a United Nations ambassador, is participating in the Republican primary solely to undermine his reputation. During a speech before the South Carolina primary, he claimed that Haley is essentially carrying out the agenda of the Democratic Party.

“Nikki Haley is relying on Democrats and liberals. You know, Democrats are financing her campaign?” the former president said to boos from the crowd.

“Crazy. It’s called the crazy world of politics. You know, the Democrats are financing her campaign. One of her biggest supporters is a radical left Democrat who made some money with the internet. A very bad guy, actually, but he’s a Democrat,” he said.

“And those are the ones putting up money because they damage us. The biggest supporters she’s got right now are the Biden supporters. The Biden bundlers, the Biden cheaters. They’re the ones doing it for Nikki.

“So if you don’t want the ultra-left to meddle in this primary, and I think they’re going to try to end it, who the hell wants Democrats voting in a Republican primary? What is that about? What is that about? Don’t worry. You’re going to swamp them,” the former president said.

“It’s important that we do. By the way, we’re going to do great tomorrow. It’s really important you get out and vote. We want to send a signal to the real hard-line people, the people that are destroying our country, Joe Biden. We have to send them a signal we’re coming. So get out tomorrow,” he said.

“If you don’t feel well, don’t worry about it. Get up, get out. If your husband is not feeling good, darling — just get him out of bed. Don’t worry. He will be okay. Get out and vote. Tomorrow, we’re going to win this state, and then we’re going to tell crooked Joe Biden you’re fired. Get out of here. You’re fired.

“You know, it’s amazing. There’s more spirit now than at any time anyone has ever seen in any campaign,” Trump added.

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