Prominent former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson asserts that under President Joe Biden and the Democrats, the United States is undergoing a more rapid and unfavorable transformation than ever before in its history, particularly with respect to immigration policies. In his most recent communication on the “X” platform, Carlson focuses on the significant numbers of undocumented immigrants being permitted into the country due to policy shifts and the lack of enforcement of existing immigration and border security laws by the Biden administration.

According to Carlson, these actions are contributing to a swift and unprecedented demographic transformation in the American population, which is expected to have enduring negative consequences for the culture and society as a whole.

“Nations are defined by the people who live in them. That is the most basic of observations about the world,” Carlson began.

“If you have a country brimming with people who work hard, believe in Christianity and Western standards of fairness, and are willing, therefore, to settle their differences without violence, you will likely have a peaceful, prosperous nation,” he continued.

Nonetheless, he continued, when an influx of people into the country adheres to principles like tribalism rather than universal ideals of law, order, and justice, avoids participating in a standard workweek, and lacks self-discipline, “you get a place like Congo, a country that has remained in a state of perpetual civil war since before most Americans were born,” Carlson said.

“The result is a country, our country, that is changing faster than it ever has, but not through democratic means. Instead of by force, through waves of mass immigration that not a single American voted for,” he said.

“What’s happening is a crime. It violates both federal law and the core precept of democracy, which is that citizens get to govern their own countries,” Carlson argued.

“This is election rigging on a mass scale, and it’s fueled by anti-white racial hostility. That is not a guess,” he added. “The people doing it say so out loud. They brag about it. They are criminals. They must be punished for what they have done.”

The former Fox News host concluded, “Democrats cheer it on. They know that America will soon be a one-party state, and they’ll be in charge. Immigration is the reason.”