‘What do you represent? You ain’t from here!’

(Infowars) – Those taking part in Portland’s renewed protests are out of touch with the locals and have nothing to do with the city – that’s according to one African American resident filmed stopping by to erupt in a fiery rant.

Bystanders filmed the black motorist as he drove through a residential area in Portland, Oregon. “I got something to say,” the man is heard announcing, as he steps out of his SUV. “Yeah, what do you represent? You don’t represent this mother*****r!” he shouts.

Pointing at nearby homes, he continues: “Whose house is there? Whose house is this at the corner right here?” His audience is seemingly caught off-guard, as no one dares to counter him.

“You don’t know! Because you ain’t from here, motherf*****s! But you come here, and get a little motherf****r situation for us,” the driver suggests, alluding to the unrest that has blighted in Portland for weeks.

Finally, someone from the crowd steps up, saying, “I’m from here,” to which the orator responds with a slew of mockery and insults.

It’s not immediately clear where and when the confrontation took place, but the footage has garnered over 100,000 views on Twitter since it was posted.

This weekend, the demonstrations resumed in Portland, following a short break due to encroaching wildfires. Around 200 demonstrators marched through the city on Saturday night, some among them smashing windows, painting graffiti on buildings, and burning American flags. No arrests were made, but the police have begun an investigation into the acts of vandalism.

Oregon’s biggest city has seen a series of consecutive protests against racism and police violence since the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police in May.

Earlier this month, a poll revealed that roughly two-thirds of people in Oregon disapprove of the protests that have gripped Portland for the past 100 days. The majority saw them as “mostly violent” and judged the police response to be shambolic.