Chris Sununu had a firsthand experience and learned a valuable lesson in real-time and reality. Despite being the New Hampshire governor, his endorsement held no significance in the state’s presidential primary. On Friday night, he got a taste of what he can expect in the future, courtesy of Bill Maher from HBO.

Although Sununu is a Republican, he falls into a category of Republicans who strongly dislike former President Donald Trump. He openly supports former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for the GOP nomination, but his endorsement did not make a difference in the primary. He even manages to charm the liberal panelists on ABC’s “The View.”

In essence, Sununu does not align with the Republican base, and this became evident during his appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Maher had to brutally point out where Sununu’s preferred candidate stands in the race. It was an unpleasant moment for Sununu.

According to RedState, Sununu argued that Trump supports starting his trial on election interference charges in the District of Columbia on March 4. Sununu believed that the headlines about Democratic persecution of Trump through the legal system, coinciding with Super Tuesday on March 5, would only benefit the former president. Sununu claimed that Trump’s sole focus is securing the nomination.

Jessica Tarlov, a Democrat and occasional annoyance on Fox News’ “The Five,” attempted to inform Sununu that Trump already has the Republican nomination.

“No, he does not,” Sununu said. “Nikki Haley ’24, and I mean it.”

That’s when Maher stepped in.

“Let’s deal in reality here,” he said. “First of all, Nikki Haley’s not gonna be the nominee. It is Trump. Let’s not argue about stupid things.”

The audience couldn’t resist bursting into laughter at that moment – liberals find it amusing when Maher refers to Republicans as “stupid,” and even Republicans like Chris Sununu share the sentiment. However, when Sununu attempted to voice his disagreement, Maher adopted a grave demeanor and uttered what could possibly be the most accurate observation about the 2024 GOP primary so far.

“The voters do matter,” he said, “and they’re voting for Trump, overwhelmingly.”

It is quite challenging to determine which was more revealing: the sudden disappearance of Sununu’s smile, or the complete silence from the audience that followed Maher’s words.