Portland Police were unable to stop another night of riots, arson, and gunfire carried out by Antifa. Despite the warnings, rioters set multiple fires and acted in drive-by gunfire.
On Friday night Antifa rioters set an Apple Store on fire during the third riot in five days. The Apple Store was another fire the Portland police officers were unable to prevent.

On Friday Portland Police Bureau officials issued a warning that a planned “Direct Action” by Antifa could lead to a “high fire danger.”

A statement from police officials warns:

The Portland Police Bureau is aware that individuals are planning a so called “direct action” event this evening at Director Park (with a 9 p.m. march). Such events have historically included wanton destruction of public and private property, violence and the active threat of harm by thrown or propelled objects, fire and impact weapons. Similarly advertised events promoted and then engaged in arson and riots.

Despite multiple warnings, Antifa rioters carried out their plans to create more property damage in the Downtown District.


Rioters set fire to a portable toilet outside of the Apple Store late Friday night. The fire then spread to the outside of the store causing extensive damage.

The Portland Fire Department arrived to extinguish the flames before the fire spread within the Apple Store.

Elsewhere in the area, Antifa arsonists set multiple fires causing police to declare a riot.

As police stood by and watched, rioters vandalized multiple businesses in the city. The police report states:

A separate group of an estimated several hundred people started marching from Director?s Park at about 9:30 p.m. Participants in this march started breaking windows of businesses, including the Nordstrom, Verizon, Nike, the Oregon Historical Society and more. In addition to burglary and vandalism, individuals engaged in the crime of criminal mischief by damaging planters and applying graffiti. Looting was reported as well. Windows were also broken at the First Christian Church, a location known for their generosity in feeding over a thousand meals weekly to the homeless.

Police officials said they made “focused arrests.” Officials said only four people were arrested “for their criminal behavior during the event.”

“Damage to businesses hurts our City. Our community has made it clear that it will not tolerate wanton violence and destruction” Portland Police Bureau Acting Chief Chris Davis said in a written statement. “No one is entitled to break windows, set fires, or attack police officers.”

Police eventually formed a line and forced rioters out of the area.

The Friday-night riots marked the third night of rioting in five days, The Oregonian reported. The local newspaper reported several gunshots from a car traveling near the protest area.

Earlier in the week, Antifa riots set the Portland Police Association headquarters building on fire, Breitbart News reported.