(Blue State Conservative) – Is it just me, or has Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) been extremely quiet of late? Perhaps it’s due to everyone’s preoccupation with Russia, Ukraine, and the prospects for World War III. Or maybe it’s because folks have been too busy figuring out how they’re going pay their grocery bills and fill up their gas tanks to pay attention to AOC. Or, it could be possible – unlikely, but possible – that AOC has simply been less prolific at saying stupid stuff. Regardless of the reason, the wait is over.

In a video posted on her Twitter account late on Thursday, AOC went off on a senator from her own party, none other than Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV). What has AOC so fired up? Manchin’s staunch opposition to two far-left pieces of legislation: The ‘Build Back Better Bill,’ and the so-called ‘Voting Rights Bill.’ Here’s the video:

There are absurdities throughout the five-plus minutes of footage, but let’s consider just a few of them:

“If I went on television and presented an argument with that many holes in it, I’d have been pilloried. You know. I’d be like, the only like, rough gauge, like the pressure from the media, the headlines, embarrassing me. It’d have been like the next level.”

This notion is truly laughable. First, there have been few politicians in modern American history who have made more assertions with “holes” in them than AOC; good luck trying to think of someone who surpasses her. Similarly, it’s difficult to think of anyone who was been given the ‘kid glove’ treatment on a more frequent basis.

“Our babies are sleeping in bubble jackets, in night shirts with no heat and no boilers because of that. So, I’m mad! I’m mad!”

This is always the mantra of socialists like AOC: Let government be your solution. But never before in our history has our federal government spent more money, including on entitlements, and that’s still not enough? As for AOC being mad, we’re sure Joe Manchin is hiding under his desk in fear, AOC.

“This idea of if we coddle someone’s ego then they’re going to say yes. And if it hasn’t worked in 2 years, why are we going to continue doing that when there’s an election this November?”