(Slay News) – Democrat President Joe Biden dropped a stack of notes during his new interview that appeared to be “cheat sheets.”

Biden finally sat down for a major media interview last night and reminded everyone why his staff keeps him away from the press.

The president looked shaky, slurred his words, and repeated talking points.

Biden spoke on a variety of topics during the interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“I’m proud of my son,” he said about questions about his son’s looming criminal charges.

He also tried to downplay his administration’s failings.

“Name a president in recent history that has gotten as much done as I have in the first two years. Not a joke,” Biden said.

“You may not like what I’ve got done but the vast majority of the American people like what I’ve gotten done.”

“We’ve passed a billion a trillion 750 million dollars billion dollars off the sidelines of investment” for climate change,” he boasted.

“I don’t think there will be a recession,” Biden claimed.

“If there is, there will be a slight recession.

“That is, we’ll move down slightly.

“We are in a better position than any other major country in the world economically.”

He also spoke about the Russia-Ukraine conflict as the world edges closer to nuclear war.

“We’ve taken a position,” Biden said.

“I just did a G7 meeting this morning, the idea nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine, so I’m not about to nor is anyone else is about to negotiate with Russia about staying in Ukraine.”

But most important of all, he gave up the game by dropping his cheat sheets on the floor.