(CBrief) – President Joe Biden engaged in what many observers thought was another round of odd behavior as he prepared to give a speech in South Carolina over the weekend.

As noted by Rare and according to a clip posted online by the Republican National Committee’s research arm, Biden appears to be kicking at the podium while saying, “If you’re wondering what I’m kicking here, I’m kicking the stand-in. It’s not working.”

He then spun around backward and attempted to kick the stand again from that angle. “How bout that? Alright, maybe I’ll stand on it… I’ll be 6’4,” he said after turning back around to face the audience.

Biden also appeared to slur his words and struggle to speak, which has been occurring more frequently during his public events.

Rare added: “When talking about the deficit, Biden began [leaning]in and delivered a creepy whisper. Biden continues to claim that he reduced the deficit by $1.7 Trillion, which is false. The deficit fell because of the expiration of COVID spending. Biden’s policies have actually increased the deficit.”

Noted RNC Research: “He’s lying — again. Moody’s Analytics says ‘the actions of the [Biden] administration and Congress have undoubtedly resulted in higher deficits, not smaller ones.”

Later in the speech, Biden can be seen stammering and struggling for words, perhaps because he lost his place with the teleprompter, though the real reason isn’t known.