(SNews) – Democrat President Joe Biden embarrassed himself during his visit to Ireland by making a flub that the White House was forced to later correct.

Biden was warned not to make any big gaffes in Ireland and avoid mentioning the war with England.

But he did anyway and it was a doozy.

Biden made reference to British forces that persecuted Irish people while talking about the New Zealand national rugby team during a speech yesterday.

Speaking about Irish former international rugby player Rob Kearney, who is the president’s fifth cousin, Biden called him “a hell of a rugby player and he beat the hell out of the Black and Tans.”

Biden meant to say New Zealand’s “All Blacks,” the nation’s national rugby team.

Instead, Biden said the “Black and Tans,” the nickname for members of the brutal Royal Irish Constabulary, who fought against the Irish and committed atrocities during the Irish War of Independence 100 years ago.