(TStarnes) – President Biden tried to take a victory lap Friday on the economy. It didn’t go so well.

The quadruple vaccinated and boosted leader who once again tested positive for COVID was reciting his oft-repeated line about the Nobel laureates when he stumbled on what is believed to be “economists.”

Watch for yourself:

The Biden claimed that Congress’ spending bill, which was originally titled the “Build Back Better” bill, will help “lower inflation.”

Then he spouted a line that makes you wonder if he knows he’s actually the commander-in-chief.

“Helping you do that is my job. It’s the president’s job as well,” Biden said.

Steve Gill, who filled in for Todd Starnes on the “Todd Starnes Show” Friday, slammed Biden for his comments and actions.

“The only job this guy can fill is nutjob,” Gill said.

The president has avoided the press, which he continued, ignoring a question about inflation.

The Biden White House continued its spin on the real pain and economic hardships faced by everyday Americans Friday as the president gets hit with record low approval ratings.