According to a segment broadcasted on MSNBC, voters from Georgia and Michigan expressed that they will not support President Joe Biden in the upcoming election due to former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial. A recent poll conducted by New York Times/Siena College revealed that Trump is ahead of Biden by 9% in Georgia, whereas Biden is leading by 1% in Michigan. Voters in both states emphasized to MSNBC that Trump’s trial will not influence their decision in the election, as they feel he is being unfairly treated and there are more pressing matters to focus on.


“It’s actually making people more angry,” a Georgia voter named Faith Pescatore told NBC News correspondent Blayne Alexander. “They know that this is a guy that he’s a billionaire. And he doesn’t need to run for president. But he’s doing it for us. He has a heart of gold.”

“Him being charged with anything is not wooing me,” a Georgia voter named Lisa Babbage told Alexander. “It’s not deterring me yet, but for others it is wooing them.”

Multiple surveys conducted following the commencement of jury selection in the trial have revealed that a guilty verdict would not dissuade American voters from supporting Trump. A significant number of Americans also maintain that Trump did not violate any laws and is not receiving fair treatment throughout the proceedings. Despite narrowly winning in Georgia and Michigan in 2016, Trump lost both states to Biden in 2020.

Denise Stingle, a voter from Michigan who is deliberating between voting for Trump or abstaining, expressed to NBC News correspondent Shaquille Brewster that a conviction would have no bearing on her decision, stating, “I believe he is being unfairly targeted.”

“I’ve heard just this past weekend about having the reproductive freedom,” a Michigan voter named Kathi Harris told Brewster in response to what issues Americans care about in comparison to the trial. “We’ve heard about the gun laws. Just off the top of my head, it’s just the every day table issues that we talk about. It’s not about one candidate or another.”