A member of Boston’s city council who identifies as a Democrat has caused concern among her fellow liberal colleagues due to her provocative statements against white individuals, calls for a radical change, and aggressive outbursts.

According to a city hall employee with liberal leanings, who spoke to Fox News on the condition of anonymity, Tania Fernandes Anderson, the council member in question, has created a toxic and unhealthy atmosphere. During city meetings, Fernandes Anderson has advocated for the dismantling of what she perceives as a white-dominated society in America, urging for a revolution to bring about significant changes.

The employee believes that Fernandes Anderson is troubled and often resorts to accusing her opponents of racism in order to manipulate others into conforming to her views. The source also highlighted the difficulties of having someone like Fernandes Anderson in a position of power within the city’s government, describing her as hostile, verbally abusive, and even displaying antisemitic tendencies.

“People are intimidated by her,” the source reportedly told Fox.

“And that intimidation does work.

They said some members would give in to her because “no one want[s]to disagree with Tania because she’s unpredictable.”

According to the source, Fernandes Anderson has gained notoriety for her frequent and disruptive outbursts during public city council meetings, characterized by the use of profanity, raised voices, and intense screaming. “The last thing someone wants is to be labeled as a racist in this city,” the source said.

Fernandes Anderson has said:

“Don’t come for me, because if you want smoke, you’ll get smoke,” she yelled during a March 2024 meeting.

“I’m not afraid of any of you.”