(TPM) – President Joe Biden was booed as he and the First Lady exited a Catholic mass in Uvalde on Sunday, with the crowd yelling for him to “do something,” following a Texas school shooting that killed 21 people on Tuesday.

According to investigative reporter Drew Hernandez, Biden appeared “clueless” as he and the First Lady left Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Sunday, which lies around one mile from Robb Elementary, where Tuesday’s fatal shooting took place.

Other reports said the president responded to calls for him to “do something” with “we will,” Hernandez said.

Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were in Texas to met with the victims’ families, survivors, and first responders impacted by the massacre at Robb Elementary School, in which a shooter killed 19 children and two teachers Tuesday.

On the day of the shooting, officers arrived on scene but waited for backup to enter the school — even while parents and onlookers begged them to enter. Some witnesses say they were screaming at law enforcement to “go in there.” One mother tried to rush in and was handcuffed by federal marshals.

A press conference last week revealed that 19 officers were stationed in the hallway of the school for over an hour before the shooter was killed.

According to Hernandez, around 15 out of a crowd of 50 to 60 people cheered for Biden as he arrived at Robb Elementary School.

As he exited the school, onlookers can be heard shouting “we need help,” and “President Biden we need change.” One man is heard yelling that Biden needs to help the Uvalde community, because the children are not safe in school.

Onlookers were also heard booing Texas Governor Greg Abbot, as visited the school. Abbot has come under fire for saying about the shooting: as “horrible as what happened [was], it could have been worse.”

Hernandez also noted the huge armed law enforcement presence on-site to guard pro-gun control Biden.
“Rules for the[e], but NOT FOR ME,” he posted.

Hernandez had noted that Biden had plans to greet the crowd that had gathered around the church, but secret service members kept Biden away from the crowd once they started booing.