During a conversation with CNN host Kate Bolduan, pollster Frank Luntz shed light on the misjudgment of “pundits” when it comes to understanding the sentiments of voters towards former President Donald Trump.

In a 2016 presidential debate, Trump made a remark suggesting that his opponent Hillary Clinton would “be in jail” if he were to become president. Bolduan played a clip of this moment on “CNN News Central” and inquired about its significance to Luntz. In response, Luntz explained that while voters appreciated Trump’s statement, it faced severe criticism from the “pundits.”

“Nobody expected Donald Trump to say that,” Luntz said. “And the pundits really condemned him [for]doing it. And our voters said, ‘Wait a minute. He’s holding her accountable. It’s about time that politicians are held accountable.’ That’s one of the great frustrations in America. That’s why we’re so angry because when you think politicians will say and do anything, and then actually do exactly the opposite of what they promise.”

Bolduan fired back at Luntz, noting that Trump was “kind of suggesting he would be like directing his Justice Department to go after a political opponent.”

“And that’s exactly what the pundits said,” the pollster said. “And the voters said, ‘Uh uh,’ he’s actually going to do this. I want someone who’s that tough, who’s going to look me straight in the eye and the opposite was Barack Obama, looking [at]people and saying ‘I get you, I understand you, I appreciate you, I applaud you.’ Voters are looking for someone to speak to them, to look at them, to mean what they say, say what they mean and do what they promised to do.”